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GEM June 1991 __FULL__

FreeGEM is the free software/open source version of GEM developed after Caldera Thin Clients released the GEM code under the terms of the GNU GPL-2.0-only free software license in April 1999.[2] Caldera Thin Clients owned the source code to GEM through Caldera's purchase of the remaining Digital Research assets from Novell on 23 July 1996,[3] who had acquired Digital Research in June 1991.[4][5]

GEM June 1991

It's a problem, Lee admits, keeping his artistic and Afrocentric agenda correct and his budgets rising. He has demanded and received total creative control on all five of his films. But none has cost more than $14 million. "I couldn't make a Havana," he says. "They wouldn't let me make a $ 15-million-plus movie and still retain the same control. They'll let me do what I want as long as it's a price they can live with. ' ' And if the studios get skittish, another front of white corporate America is there to bankroll Forty Acres. Advertisers may not buy Lee's polemics, but they are falling over themselves to buy what Hollywood has taken to calling the "awareness" factor. The Mouth is mondo in the national brainpan. Levi Strauss found that just Lee's voice asking questions off-camera was sufficient ID in their button-fly-jean ads. In 1991, nobody doesn't know Spike Lee.

Gloria Tang Sze-wing (Cantonese pronunciation: [tɐŋ2]; Mandarin: [tɤŋ51] (listen); simplified Chinese: 邓诗颖; traditional Chinese: 鄧詩穎; pinyin: Dèng Shīyǐng; born 16 August 1991),[2] professionally known as G.E.M. (backronym of Get Everybody Moving)[3] or Tang Tsz-kei (simplified Chinese: 邓紫棋; traditional Chinese: 鄧紫棋; pinyin: Dèng Zǐqí), is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter originally from Shanghai, China. She made her debut in the Hong Kong music industry in 2008.[4] After releasing three albums in Hong Kong, her appearance in the 2014 edition of Chinese singing competition program I Am a Singer 2 and subsequent 2nd-place finish gained her immense fame and popularity in Greater China.[3]

Tang Sze-wing was born on 16 August 1991, in Shanghai, China; she was given the English name Gloria by her father.[9] Her father is from Hong Kong, and her mother is from Shanghai. She has a younger sister, four years younger than her. G.E.M. spent her childhood at Caoyang New Village[10] and lived with her maternal grandmother who died in March 2011.[11] She moved to Hong Kong with her parents at the age of four.[12] She attended Christian schools for her education.[9]

Livingstone Art & Gem was started in June 1991. Prior to that, we had an amazing experience which made it possible to become dealers. It happened while vacationing that my brother-in-law, Lynn Salyer said, "We know a little old lady in our church who has rocks in her basement. Would you like to go see them?" We, of course, replied, "Sure, we'll go see the little old lady with rocks in her basement!" We had no grasp of what a life changing experience that would be.

Cal Ripken Jr. won the MVP award two times in his career: once in 1983 when he led the Baltimore Orioles to a World Series title and again in 1991 when Baltimore finished in sixth place in the AL East at 67-95.

During the third inning of Game 6 of the 1991 World Series against the Atlanta Braves, Puckett robbed Ron Gant of an extra-base hit after making an incredible leaping catch in left-center to keep the game scoreless.

GEM Desktop itself was spun off in 1990 as a product known as ViewMAX which was used solely as a file management shell under DR DOS. In this form the system could not run other GEM programs. This led to a situation where a number of applications (including ViewMAX) could exist all with their own statically linked copy of the GEM system. This scenario was actually rare, as few native GEM programs were published. In 1991 ViewMAX 2 was released.

Dina Kawar has served as Permanent Representative of Jordan to the United Nations in New York since August 2014. Previously, she served as Ambassador of Jordan to France (2001- 2013), Ambassador of Jordan to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO, 2002-2013), Ambassador of Jordan to the Holy See (2002-2013), and Ambassador of Jordan to Portugal (2005-2013). Before that, she was Director of the Private Office of His Majesty King Abdullah II (2000-2001), and headed the Bureau of HRH Prince El Hassan (1991-2000), both in Paris, France.

The game was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive in North America and Europe on 23 June 1991,[2][3] with a Japanese release following a month later on 26 July.[1] Advertising its fast gameplay based on Sonic's extraordinary speed, the concept of a high-speed platform game was unique for its time and solidified the style of gameplay the series would be best known for. Due to the Mega Drive's Motorola 68000 processor, the power of the console would allow for faster gameplay (dubbed by some as "Blast Processing"), and impressive 16-bit graphics, making it much more powerful than Sega's preceding Master System.

Sega of America CEO Tom Kalinske wanted reassurance that Sonic would not fail. The global head of marketing, Al Nilsen, became involved, and play-tested the game across the United States with Mario fans: they were shown Mario and then played Sonic the Hedgehog. Ultimately, 80 percent preferred Sonic the Hedgehog, and the game was shown at the 1991 Summer Consumer Electronics Show.[39] Eventually, Sonic the Hedgehog was released in North America on 23 June 1991,[34] and in PAL regions and Japan the following month.[40][41] In November 1991, Sega of America packaged it with American Genesis consoles,[42][43] replacing Altered Beast. This tactic enabled Sega of America to sell fifteen million Sega Mega Drive units.[38] Mega Drive owners who bought their consoles before the switch could request free copies of Sonic the Hedgehog by mail.[34] Sega of America created a marketing campaign, making Sonic its new mascot.[13]

IGN reviewer Lucas M. Thomas gave Sonic the Hedgehog an 8/10, praising the simple but fast gameplay, the soundtrack and commended that "few people realize how difficult it was to create Sonic's graphics engine, which allowed for the incredible rate of speed the game's known for. The technical achievement impressed back in '91, and still does so today."[54] GameSpot reviewer Greg Kasavin gave the game a 7.3/10, praising the great soundtrack and memorable sound effects, the fast-paced, responsive platformer action and cute, colorful graphics [that] have a good deal of charm and personality although he felt that the later levels can get frustrating tough, requiring meticulous memorization.[53] Mean Machines called the Sonic the Hedgehog "the best platform game on the Megadrive!"[3] Sega Power's rating of 97% was their highest score as of September 1991, ending their review by stating: "If you're a Master System owner, then buy[sic] a Mega Drive just for this!"

Ankerberg and Weldon aim their 445-page book Can You Trust Your Doctor? (1991) at the Christian community, but anyone interested in pseudomedicine will benefit enormously from reading it. The authors put most of their efforts into thorough descriptions of New Age Medicine, including the backgrounds of proponents and the histories and rationale of the healing theories. The book is well-referenced and provides an excellent resource. Order from: Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers Inc., 1749 Mallory Lane, Suite 110, Brentwood, TN 37027

Tabulations from the Christian Science Journal indicate that Christian Science is waning. CS churches have dropped from 1,829 in 1971 to 1,450 in 1991, and CS Practitioners from 4,965 in 1971 to 2,237 in 1991. Just 8 states increased their number of churches (AZ, FL, GA, MD, NC, NV, SC, VA), and only 3 increased in CS Practitioners (NC, SC, VA). An excellent review of CS beliefs, healing claims, and controverting evidence appeared in JAMA, 264: 1379-81, 1990. The plight of children who continue to be denied protection from religiously motivated medical neglect by legislators appeared in JAMA, 264:1226-33, 1990.

To keep my bearings, I often review records in bunches, by stylisticaffinity. So I've reached back to 1990 yet again to catch up withAfrica and, er, jazz-rock. Gad--no lyrics to steal jokes from. Butthe 1991 picks were undeniable.STEVE COLEMAN AND FIVE ELEMENTS:Rhythm People (The Resurrection of Creative Black Civilization)(Novus)Jazz specialists are claimingthe just-released Black Science as the one they always had in them,but from my specialty (whatever that might be), this 1990 item hasthe right stuff: almost true fusion, yet I diddybop around to itssecondhand funk. Helps that they trade off like the Lakers on afast break. Helps that Coleman plays his alto off. And it reallyhelps that Cassandra Wilson, called in for two horrendous lyricson the new one, is held down to a scat.A MINUSCUMBIA CUMBIA(World Circuit import)Hits back to the '50s fromColombia's Disco Fuentes label, with history sweeping consistencyaside--any gringo can tell Conjunto Tipico Vallenato's accordionside-closers are country and Rodolfo's coffee commercial isn't. Buteven if the accordion stuff belongs on a vallenata comp, it passesmuster on a collection where at least half the songs bristle withthe exigente hooks that sell classic pop the world over. And theunmistakable beat runs down a consummate South American groove,halfway between Euro clomp and Afro hipshake.A MINUSDREAMS COME TRUE(Antone's)Wrapping her warm, slinky voice aroundlyrics borrowed and dreamed up, Marcia Ball earns top billing inthis ad hoc Austin blues trio. Lou Ann Barton, a professional trampwho's done her share of rehab, and Angela Strehli, a sensible sortwho runs the label, must have figured it would be neighborly tohelp their old pal turn in a decent followup to Soulful Dress, whichis eight years old now. Sure they did--they love each other likeIke and Tina, whose "A Fool in Love" they covered to initiate thismission impossible in 1985. Congratulations to coordinator-bassistSarah Brown for getting a record out of them, and to producer-pianistDr. John for easing it up toward the sum of its parts.A MINUSTHE FALL:458489 A Sides(Beggars Banquet)Beginning, naturally,with the least catchy thing on the record (it came first, and whoare they to deny history?), this singles compilation spans the entiretyof Brix Smith's controversial (especially if you're an old friendof Mark's) tenure with the eternal U.K. art punks. Their dronesdon't resolve or climax or even pick up speed, yet though Mark'ssaid to be a poet, they're not just there for the words, many ofthem undecodable--they're there for the drones. Which just hurryyou along on a nagging groove whose intimations of eternity arein no way undermined by Brix's penchant for deep detail. The onlyFall record any normal person need own.A MINUSFREEDOM FIRE--THE INDESTRUCTIBLE BEAT OF SOWETO (VOL. 3)(Virgin)Producer Trevor Horn claims the lead cut, featuring Mahlathini andthe gang, is "the finest track ever released on Earthworks." I sayit's high-generic, and five minutes of high-generic at that, damnnear swallowing the shouting spirituality of the two Amaswazi Emvelosongs right afterwards. But gradually things pick up--Zulu fear offlying, nasal Shangaan weirdness, three distinct and magnificentMahlathini vehicles, modest accordion jive, avant Venda-Pedi instrumental,modernized marabi, hectoring Sotho shout. Out of many peoples, onecompilation.A MINUSHI-JIVIN'(Kijima import)It can't be that every group on this sweetlittle label sampler has the same rhythm section--certainly not Malombo,or the mbira-style percussion ensemble Amampondo--but at this removeit kind of sounds that way. Equally rustic whether the name up topis Zulu or Sotho, long on squeezebox and masculine stomp, it willcome as a bit of a change to fans who hope there's more to mbaqangathan Makgona Tsohle. Those who aren't quite sure who Makgona Tsohleare should find out.A MINUSICE-T:O.G. Original Gangster(Sire/Warner Bros.)Learning and diversifying,remembering where he comes from and sticking to what he knows, Ice-Twins big as the old school shakes out. He won't desert the hardsbecause a hard he remains; his violence is pervasive and graphicbecause he knows brutalization from the inside. But he's nothingif not a moralist, and so the new jack drunk dies in his Benz, thecops break down the gangbanger's door, his gays are left to livetheir own lives, and his prematurely ejaculated sex jam is a dison the horny fool who slavers for it. Since most of what I knowabout the hard audience comes from rap records, I can't guaranteehe'll get away with it. But I can guarantee that this one has somethingto teach everyone who can stand to listen to it and almost everyonewho can't.A MINUS[Later: A]RONALD SHANNON JACKSON:Taboo(Venture import)A departure fromShannon's overworked small-group format featuring varying horn deploymentsand--get this--old hand Vernon Reid. First side's a suite that'llstring you along but good--kind of like Mingus, so to speak. Unfortunately,the second side doesn't exactly move as one thing--a few times itsthings don't even move as one thing.B PLUSTHE OUSMANE KOUYATE BAND:Domba(Mango)The rockish grandeur ofthis Guinean world-music ensemble sounds like it owes Santana. Probablydoesn't, of course--we know where the polyrhythms started, and in24 years Carlos has never risked a singer who could steal his thunderlike this hereditary troubadour. On the other hand, Carlos can outplaythe troubadour even though the troubadour counts himself a guitaristby trade. The crux is that most of the time Carlos's corn just soundslike corn. Kouyate's sounds like the staff of life.A MINUSLINDA GAIL LEWIS:International Affair(New Rose import)The long-agocostar of the lowbrow gem Together registers more twang per syllablethan prime Duane Eddy, belting and screeching like a flat-outhillbilly--JeannieC. Riley, say. But though I'd love to hear her "Harper Valley P.T.A."(or "Fist City," or "9 to 5"), she's Jerry Lee's sister, wild-assbefore she's anything else. She doesn't ignore country on this band-centeredstudio job, but except for Billy Swan's "I Can Help" ("If your childneeds a mama we can discuss that too"), the standouts are from Wolf-Justman,Dave Edmunds, Bob Dylan, all of whom should be damn proud. Covering"They Called It Rock," she gets up to "Someone in the newspapersaid it was shit," and instead of rushing discreetly on to the nextline she draws out that last word with the relish of a gal who'swaited to sing it all her life.A MINUSMAHLATHINI AND AMASWAZI EMVOLO:You're Telling Tales(Shanachie)Mbqanga maestro West Nkosi long ago commandeered the above-namedmale vocal combo to inject Swazi traditions into his basically Zuluproduct. They're movers on Mahlathini's definitive Paris-Soweto,and get numerous leads and writing credits on this robust exerciseas well. The track where their backing resembles barking will frightenArsenio.B PLUSZIGGY MARLEY AND THE MELODY MAKERS:Jahmekya(Virgin)Slowly--tooslowly, but faster than we had any right to hope--he's getting smarter:if "This generation will make the change" doesn't convince, "Whenwill the innocent stop being punished for their innocence" willcertainly do. And the complex drive of the music, cut this timein full Tuff Gong regalia, could pass for innovative: a genuinereggae groove at pop speeds with pop horns. More likely to endureas a turning point than to pass into half-assed oblivion.B PLUS[Later]TSHALA MUANA:Soukous Siren(Shanachie)A showbiz kid who brokein as a dancer, she followed a few late-'70s hits from Kinshasa toAbidjan and then Paris, where she cut her debut album in 1984. Truthto tell, her voice isn't a lot stronger than Paula Abdul's. Buther music sure is, and though she does consult her arranger, hershe is--if the songwriting on this best-of doesn't prove her the mostconceptually accomplished woman musician in Africa, it certainlyshows a hell of an ear. Varied and consistent. Catchy and uplifting.Pretty great.A MINUSSONNY SHARROCK:Highlife(Enemy import)As with classic PharoahSanders, Sharrock's devotion to cacophony turns out to be the obverseof his devotion to tune--his thematic statements are respectfullystately, his variations more sonic than harmonic. So where RonaldShannon Jackson is a jazz composer exploring rock colors (and sometimesrhythms), Sharrock has the priorities of a genius son of Jimi andJimmy. An atmospheric Kate Bush tribute that eventually gains momentumis as arty as this gorgeously straightforward guitar record gets,and though no one will mistake the Sanders cover for "Eight MilesHigh," it's in the tradition.ASPIRIT OF THE EAGLE: ZIMBABWE FRONTLINE (VOL. 2)(Virgin)So pleasingit makes me suspect that a nontourist could hear through conventionsthat gather in too tight a circle around chimurenga godfather ThomasMapfumo, whose producer also oversaw the quieter Robinson Bandaopener and the more percussive Nyami Nyami Sounds entry, while someonenamed A.K. Mapfumo produced the other Banda song as well as twoby old favorites the Four Brothers. And everywhere the ripple ofmbira guitar buoys music whose varied details are mere decorationfor a tourist like me--a tourist who sits grinning foolishly, amazedyet again that such a wonderful world could thrive independent ofhis sustained personal attention.A MINUSYO-YO:Make Way for the Motherlode(East West)Loosing Roxanne Shante'stough talk on Queen Latifah's leadership seminar, Ice Cube's no-shitsister doubles her chance of teaching "intelligent black women"how one respects onself. Her most salient theme is an ass she'snot inclined to give up on the first date, and when she succumbsshe lives to regret it at speeds that'll set you on yours. Sir Jinx'ssoul-thick, jazz-inflected production suits her gritty drawl and waywardmouth. And if they should split she'll figure out another way toget over.A MINUSAdditional Consumer NewsHonorable Mention:Laura Lee, Greatest Hits (HDH): Yo-Yo's mama("Rip Off," "Wedlock Is a Padlock," "Women's Love Rights," "Since IFell for You")Lenny Kravitz, Mama Said (Virgin): don'tthink Hendrix-Beatles, think Prince-George Michael ("Fields of Joy,""Stand by My Woman," "Stop Draggin' Around")Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens, The LionRoars (Shanachie): for his supper ("Masole A Banana,""Amaqhawe Omgqashiyo")The Mthembu Queens, Emjindini (Rounder):girl-group mbaqanga ("Phansi Komthunzi," "Asambeni")Ronald Shannon Jackson, Red Warrior (Axiom):metalhead solo room, metalhead showoff space ("Gate to Heaven,""What's Not Said")Elvin Bishop, Don't Let the Bossman Get YouDown (Alligator): Mr. Entertainment ("My Whiskey HeadBuddies," "Soul Food")The Fall, Extricate (Mercury): indefatigable("British People in Hot Weather")Singing in an Open Space: Zulu Rhythm and Harmony1962-1982 (Rounder): John Bhengu and his country cousins(Frans Msomi, "Zinsiza Zase Makhabeleni")Maria Muldaur, On the Sunny Side (Music forLittle People): could be (even) cuter ("Would You Like to Swing on aStar," "The Circus Song," "Never Swat a Fly")Blinky and the Roadmasters, Crucian Scratch BandMusic (Rou


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