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Valentine Ignatov
Valentine Ignatov

1440x900 Japan Green. Green Tea Green Garden Wa... Extra Quality

DYE COLOURS:: Berries give a fugitive blue-purple in an eco print; leaves, a wimpy yellow-green. Reported as fugitive in the traditional dye pot and even a no-show. Under investigation by your author. Iris Dulman, eco-printer extraordinaire and generous teacher, makes wonderful prints with this plant.

1440x900 japan green. Green Tea Green Garden Wa...

I know five years sounds like a long time but since I grow garden roses in open field production, not in a controlled greenhouse environment, I am at the mercy of Mother Nature. One year the rose is subjected to flooding, the next drought, and weeks of wildfire smoke. I need to put it through the wringer to see how it performs in all matter of conditions over a period of years to truly see if it will stand the test of time for field-grown cut flower production year after year, regardless of the environmental conditions it endures.

If I was younger, I would definitely become a small flower farmer. I love being outdoors and I love gardening. I have two flower gardens in my backyard, one to the left of my greenhouse and one to the right.

The garden to the left of my greenhouse is a memorial to my son, Kevin. He passed away, very unexpectedly, a little over a year ago. He used to sit on the garden bench out there, played with his dog Yeller. Yeller is our dog now.Kevin loved to garden with me. His favorite flower was the sunflower, the really tall ones. However, as much as we tried to grow them tall, the squirrels managed to wreck them.

I guess I would describe myself as a weekend warrior. I am one of those people who lay at night and my brain runs amok. In the morning I have a new idea to make a new garden bed or add to a existing one. I will make a trip to my local greenhouses to get ideas. But if I see a must have I do impulse buy. Then try to figure out where to plant. I have little knowledge of plants that my grandfather passed on. I remember as a child I would watch him in the Garden asking him 20 million questions. He would answer them all. At the end of each season of growing, my heart was always full of what I had seen grown from nothing to something beautiful. I am new to your page and what to Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 041b061a72


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