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The 1975 - Looking For Somebody To Love (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

My friends and I were in the front left of the stage. And at Starlite, they have no barriers so you're pressed right up against the stage. Sirsly came on first, which I hadn't heard of them before the show. They did an incredible job opening the show. Next was Bad Suns, which I left the show being a huge fan of them. They have the perfect young alternative rock feel. They did a wonderful job connecting to the crowd and their whole set just flew by. I was lucky enough to meet them after the show to chat with and they were such lovely guys. And next was the 1975. The word to describe how great of a show these guys put on is something beyond my vocabulary. They are edgy, raunchy, loud and extreme. I have always fancied the lead singer Matt Healy, and he knows just how to work the crowd. He loves to tease, chat and just flaunt himself at everyone. There was no equipment set up in front of my friends and I, so we had lots of opportunities where the band members would come right up to us. A moment that was a highlight for me was during Talk! Matty knelt down grabbed my hand and sang the line, "I've been thinking lots about your mouth.' It was a big deal for me. HAHAHA. But I could honestly write for hours about these guys. Their connection with everyone was undeniable. I'd say my favourite song to see like was probably "Sex". Its the last song they performed and Matty introduced it saying, "this song is about fucking each other." But its incredible to see live where everyone knows all the words and just goes insane, including the band.

The 1975 - Looking For Somebody To Love (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

The 1975 was amazing live. I've been to several concerts and I can easily say that this concert was one of the best ones I've ever been to. I love their music. I think they're a very unique and talented band, and it amazes me how the different instruments and sounds blend together perfectly to create a beautiful song telling a beautiful story. 041b061a72


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