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Introduction To Meetpoint Faceting Pdf Free 11

Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting PDF Free 11

Faceting is the art of cutting and polishing gemstones into beautiful and sparkling jewels. Faceting requires skill, precision, and creativity, as well as a good understanding of the optical and physical properties of the gem material. There are many different styles and techniques of faceting, but one of the most popular and efficient methods is called meetpoint faceting.

Meetpoint faceting is a technique that involves cutting each facet to meet one and only one point at a time. This way, the cutter does not have to worry about aligning multiple facets at once, which can be difficult and time-consuming. Meetpoint faceting also minimizes the risk of overcutting or undercutting the facets, which can ruin the symmetry and beauty of the gem. Meetpoint faceting can be applied to any shape and design of gemstone, from simple rounds and ovals to complex stars and flowers.

Download Zip:

If you are interested in learning more about meetpoint faceting, you may want to download a free PDF file that contains 11 chapters of an excellent book on this topic. The book is called Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting by Robert H. Long and Norman W. Steele, and it was published in 1976 by the Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore. The book covers the basics of meetpoint faceting, such as equipment, materials, angles, indexes, diagrams, and procedures. It also provides detailed instructions and illustrations for cutting several popular designs, such as the standard round brilliant, the CAM trilliant, the barion oval, and the OMNI ECED super emerald.

You can download the free PDF file of Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting by clicking [here]. The file size is about 8 MB, and it contains 152 pages. You will need a PDF reader software to open and view the file. You can also print out the file or save it to your device for future reference.

Meetpoint faceting is a fun and rewarding hobby that can produce stunning results. By downloading Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting PDF free 11, you can start your journey into this fascinating world of gem cutting.


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