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Plant Medicine Services

All services are offered virtually or in person within Treaty 6 "Edmonton, Alberta, Canada" Area

Cactus Plants

Virtual Consultation

The first step.

This complimentary virtual consultation will include  learning a bit more about each other, discussing what type of  plant medicine you're looking to use, and what level of support you're looking for.

Intro To Plant Medicine

Plant medicines are powerful healers that can provide space for unparalleled & deep, personal reflection unbridled by the weight of day-to-day living stress & our ever-present ego fixations.

It can provide groundbreaking insights, powerful mindset shifts, & opportunities to break long standing habits & beliefs that have been holding you back.

Because of this, in an especially challenging time in the world, plant medicine is experiencing another surge in popularity & interest.

Despite being an ancient healing modality, there's been decades of stigma, governmental interference, & misinformation circulating.

This has lead to confusion, distrust, gatekeeping, misuse, & skepticism of deeply transformative, healing, & culturally specific medicines.

If you're curious about plant medicine it's likely because you've heard of someone's incredibly powerful experience with its use & are curious about having a similar experience in your own life.


This is best done with the right medicine, mindset, setting, & integration support, outlined below.

Why Plant Medicine?

If you're looking for transformative guidance, deep reconnection to yourself and the earth, & a renewed sense of awe in the magic of our world, plant medicine is a powerful choice.

Due to the intensity that plant medicine can bring, having a healing practitioner on hand to support you with preparing, debriefing, & integrating your medicinal journey is important so you can have the safest possible trip & longest lasting results.

Plant medicine assisted coaching is for you if you:

  • want to truly deepen their understanding of yourself & others

  • feel stuck in your healing journey

  • are ready to face your shadow self & highest potential self

  • are open to seeing a radically new perspective on your situation

  • want to integrate your inner elder/child wisdom to your present life

  • feel burned out & need kindling for your inner fire to keep going

  • are ready to look into your inner mirror with empathy & compassion

  • are ready to shed layers that no longer serve you

Wild Mushrooms

Which Plants?

Plant Medicine is a broad term that includes a wide range of medicinal plants & herbs of healing properties.


When I use this term in my practice, I'm referring more specifically to working with the psychoactive or mind-altering plants within my own cultural & ancestral background, such as:

  • Tobacco

  • Cannabis

  • Psilocybin Mushrooms

I can also offer integration support to those using synthetic medicines such as Ketamine, or other plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, or Iboga.


However, please note these are culturally specific plants whose Indigenous cultivators & medicine workers have asked settlers or those not of their community to either have their plant medicine be administered by members of the community in which these plants have origins or for us to use our own culturally specific plant medicines instead.


Therefore, I offer support for post-journey integration should you use these medicines, but I won't assist with sourcing plant medicines of this nature. 

Why Me?

I can personally attest to the transformative & insightful guidance I've received from years of plant medicine work & am excited to integrate using this healing modality into my coaching practice.


I believe strongly in plant medicine's ability to support individuals with the changes they are looking to make in their life, relationships, & in the world, and I want to support safe usage of this powerful medicine.

When I work with plant medicine, I do so grounded in my fundamental values of anti-oppression, sustainability, & intentionality of practice.

Because of the increased popularity of plant medicine usage, you want to be sure you're working with someone who is knowledgeable, using safety centred/trauma-informed practices, & who has lived experience they can draw on to assist you in having a s& healing experience.

These are qualities I am confidently offering you, along with my previous trainings & commitment to care deeply for your mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing as we venture forward together.

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Plant Medicine Integration Session Details

Pre-journey sessions for safety planning & strong foundations

Post-journey sessions for debriefing lessons & integrating insights

On either side of your journey, I am here for you

Below is what you can expect from a plant medicine integration session together. Please note that while I will offer suggestions for finding safer sources for your plant medicine usage, dosage & strain recommendations, & safer trip environment information, I do not provide any plant medicine or medical advice to clients. If you source & take plant medicines, you do so at your own risk both medically & legally.


Before you go on a plant medicine journey, I strongly believe it is important to set clear intentions for what you'd like the plant's support with. 

A 90 min. Pre-trip session would typically involve:

  • Establishing the basics of "(mind)set and setting"

  • Dosage & strain recommendations for your trip

  • Grounding meditation to relax into the rest of our session

  • Spacious reflection & self-expression time to identify the specific intentions & parameters you're wanting to work with the plant medicine about

  • Identifying a clear plan of action for creating your intentional & comfortable trip environment

  • Identifying safer sources for you to acquire your plant medicine

  • Scheduling your post-trip integration session for ongoing support


After you go on a plant medicine journey, I strongly believe in debriefing your experience & creating a supportive plan for integrating the insights you gained.

A 90 min. Post-trip session would typically involve:

  • Grounding meditation to set the container for our session

  • Spacious reflection & self-expression time to debrief your plant medicine journey

  • Identifying the core take-aways from your experience & what supports you need going forward

  • Co-creating actionable steps for to integrate the lessons and insights you gained during your trip into your everyday life

  • Debriefing dosage, strain, and potential changes to future trips

  • Scheduling your next coaching session for ongoing support

  • Written take-aways sent to your email to reflect on between sessions

Holistic Plant Medicine Journey Packages

Before, during, & after support, centring your physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual safety

every step of the way.

For those local to the Treaty 6 "Edmonton, Alberta" area, I offer holistic plant medicine journey packages. This includes pre-journey session, trip-sitting services during your plant medicine journey in a mutually agreed upon location, and post-journey integration session.

*Sliding scale or trading services for members of marginalized identity groups or non-profit sector staff available.

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