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Relationship Coaching

All services are offered virtually or in person within Treaty 6 "Edmonton, Alberta, Canada" Area

Virtual Consultation

The first step.

This complimentary virtual consultation includes sharing a bit about each other, discussing what type of coaching relationship you're looking for, what level of Enneagram knowledge you already have, and reviewing your goals and expectations.

Relationship Coaching Sessions

We are a social species.

As a result, we are always navigating various types of relationship dynamics & the inevitable strains that arise when we aren't showing up as our best selves for each other.

While the most common type of relationship coaching is done with couples, there are many types of important relationships that all take nurturing, respect and support. Such as: multiple partners, friendships, nuclear families, extended family, colleagues, in-laws, and parent/caregiver - child relationships, just to name a few.

It can be daunting to know how to begin course correcting when you find yourself feeling disconnected, especially with longstanding relationships. 

How can I help?

Relationships are complicated, but with a fair witness, the right support, and clear intentions, any challenge can be navigated.


I commit to helping you create & maintain stronger relationships with yourself & with others—be that with a partner(s), family members, friendships, colleagues, or general fellow humans.

Reasons you might seek a relationship coach:

  • Feeling alone or isolated in a relationship

  • Feeling like you aren’t being listened to

  • Small frustrations that turn into bigger fights

  • Frequent miscommunication

  • Feeling stuck in a rut or in unhealthy patterns

  • Working through rebuilding trust in your relationship(s)

  • Feeling like your relationship has lost its spark

  • Unweaving jealousy and co-dependency

  • Navigating sexuality and gender in your relationship(s)

  • Support with polyamory/polysexuality dynamics

  • Challenges with boundaries in intimate relationships

  • And many other common relationship concerns

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Romantic Vouchers

What to expect

A typical relationship coaching session includes:


  • Grounding exercise to calm your nervous system and begin our session

  • Spacious 90 min coaching session to allow for deep inquiry and expression

  • Engaging in ancient wisdom such as the Enneagram, Tarot, breath-work, &/or movement exercises for additional support

  • Clear action plan for next steps to integrate your new insights

  • Guided meditation in closing to affirm your new intentions

  • Written take-aways from our time together for you to reflect on between sessions

Relationship Coaching Package Details

8 sessions over 2 months for a powerful reboot!

Strengthening the foundation of your relationship, understanding one another more deeply, & identifying action steps to integrate what you've learned about each other into creating a more supportive, nurturing environment for your relationship to thrive!

​What's Included:

  • One 90 minute typing interview per person OR an IEQ9 couples report and debrief session to discover which Enneagram type dynamics are at play in your relationship

  • One 90 minute session of one-on-one coaching per person to establish each individual's goals for the relationship

  • Six 90 minute sessions with all participants as outlined above

Total of 8 sessions with an overall value of $1730 and a discount of 20%, saving $346. This package is quoted for 2 people, however packages can be modified to your specific situation and number of participants.


Why Me?

I have studied the Enneagram for over half my lifetime and can personally attest to the transformative & insightful guidance I've received from the Enneagram. I routinely consider it "the gift that keeps giving" and have seen the Enneagram becoming a life-changing guide for countless others.

I've also studied Human Development and Social relations for over a decade, have been delightfully married to my nesting partner since 2014, & have worked in many environments where relationship dynamics and support are the crux of what services are being offered.

Because of the increased popularity of the Enneagram, you want to be sure you're working with someone who is deeply knowledgeable, using trauma-informed coaching practices, & who has both comprehensive trainings & lived experience they can draw on to assist you in having a safe & healing coaching experience.

These are qualities I am confidently offering you, along with my previous trainings & commitment to care deeply for your mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing as we venture forward together.

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*Sliding scale or trading services for members of marginalized identity groups or non-profit sector staff available.

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