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Transformational Life Coaching

All services are offered virtually or in person within Treaty 6 "Edmonton, Alberta, Canada" Area

Virtual Consultation

The first step.

This complimentary virtual consultation includes sharing a bit about each other, discussing what type of coaching relationship you're looking for, what level of Enneagram knowledge you already have, and reviewing your goals and expectations.

Coaching Sessions

In our sessions we will deepen your understanding of yourself, your relationship to the world, & to others.

We will step carefully together into the mosaic of your life, & explore ways your patterns of thinking, feeling, & behaving are blocking you from experiencing your true nature.

Coaching sessions are 60 to 90 minutes and packages are available to customize our coaching relationship to your needs.

*Sliding scale or trading services for members of marginalized identity groups or non-profit sector staff available. Contact for details.

Transformational 1:1 Coaching

It takes time & patience to shift the relationship we have to our bodies, hearts, & minds, especially given the messages the world sends us on how and who to be. Navigating the woods of this world can be daunting, but it is much easier with someone in your corner.

Together we can take the first steps on a journey of rediscovering the things you love about yourself and your natural gifts and talents; allowing you to begin creating a more compassionate and loving relationship with the most important person in your life: you know that's you!

Reasons you might seek a life coach:

  • Building your self-esteem & self-confidence

  • Feeling “stuck” or lost in life

  • At a crossroads in making a difficult decision

  • Exploring your relationship to gender & sexuality

  • Working on trusting yourself & your intuition

  • Navigating major life transitions

  • Needing help integrating a change in your life

Forest Path
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Enneagram Typing Sessions

1:1 Enneagram Typing:


A 90 minute conversation to listen to deeply to messages your head, heart, and body are sending. Together we will discover which patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving have been on autopilot, using an Enneagram lens.

IEQ9 Professional Assessment

Working with the IEQ9 report, we will spend one or more sessions identifying which patterns have been barriers to experiencing a fuller life, and discovering insightful ways we can disrupt those patterns

Why Me?

I have studied the Enneagram for over half my lifetime and can personally attest to the transformative & insightful guidance I've received from the Enneagram. I routinely consider it "the gift that keeps giving" and have seen the Enneagram becoming a life-changing guide for countless others.

Because of the increased popularity of the Enneagram, you want to be sure you're working with someone who is deeply knowledgable, using trauma-informed coaching practices, & who has both comprehensive trainings & lived experience they can draw on to assist you in having a safe & healing coaching experience.

These are qualities I am confidently offering you, along with my previous trainings & commitment to care deeply for your mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing as we venture forward together.

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*Sliding scale or trading services for members of marginalized identity groups or non-profit sector staff available.

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