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Wise Bug

Green Leaves

"Where you lie down and breathe
the sweet honey of the grass and count
the stars;

where you fall asleep listening
to the simple chords repeated, repeated.

Where, resting, you feel
the perfection, the rising, the happiness
of their dark wings"

Buck Moon-From the Field Guide to Insects 

by Mary Oliver

Wise Bug Message Pins

Ready to learn from some of the Earth's smallest teachers?

Why Wise Bug?

A core part of having coaching sessions together is identifying how you want to integrate sustainable changes in your life & what kind of reminders would be helpful for you to recall the takeaway insights & action items that felt right for you.


Having a tangible, physical reminder of a change I’m looking to integrate into my life is instrumental in my ability to sustain a new practice, as I can often be an “out of sight, out of mind” type of person.


In this spirit, I created these Wise Bug pins to be a tangible reminder of 3 grounding messages for you in your day to day.

These bugs are personal guides & mentors to me in my life & I know they will also inspire you.

Why Wise Bug

Meet the Mentors:

Leaf Stem

The Mantis

The Mantis invites you to join them in meditation and deeper awareness of your surroundings.


With their powerful stillness, they are known to sit motionless for hours at a time—they wait until they are sure about their next move before taking action.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 7.05.26 PM.png

"Be Still"

A reminder that with a clear head, calm presence, & keen awareness of your environment you can also take decisive action when the right opportunities are presented to you.

3-Dimensional Perspective

The mantis can see in 3D by using a 3rd eye on their forehead.

How could you see your situation from another perspective?

Sweet Tooth

Mantises are attracted to sweet things—check in with your heart center, what are you attracted to right now?

Gut Center

Mantises hear through their stomachs—their gut center.

Are you listening to your gut instincts?

Piece of Honeycomb

The Bee

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 7.10.05 PM.png

The Bee invites you to join them in their world of creativity, teamwork, & abundance.


Nature’s magicians & original alchemists, Bees transform their resources to create honey—a life giving nectar that has the exact nutrients they need to survive, created from reciprocity based relationships with the resources around them.


"Make Magic"

The Bee offers perspective, reminds us that our community is built on a multitude of interconnected individuals & our wellbeings are inextricably tied together.

In right relationship to each other, we can transform the world.

How do you want to make your dreams a reality?

Social Connection

Bees rely on social connection for survival & communicate by dancing. What creative approaches to communication would you like to try? Where can you invite more collaboration to making your dreams a reality?

Abundance mindset

Neat fact: honey doesn’t spoil! Where can you lean into trusting in the abundance of love & resources?

What does reciprocity mean to you & in what ways do you cultivate it?

Small being, big impact

You play a significant role in our community & have a major impact on our world in every seemingly small action. A lot of small actions can create a big wave—after all, it takes about 2 million flowers to make just one pound of honey.

What small action can you take towards creating the life & world you want to see?

Purple Glow

The Firefly

The Firefly invites you to join them in their world of magic!


They remind us to bring wonder and illumination into our life; they invite you to be a light worker–to inspire more light, awe, and magic in everything you do.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 7.11.55 PM.png

"I am light"

The firefly reminds us to believe that light exists even when all you see is darkness.

That the light is within you--you make the light.

It's truly the inside that counts!

Inner Glow

Fireflies create their own light & it takes no extra energy or heat for them to make it. What makes your inner spirit glow effortlessly?

How do you want to make space for more of what makes your glow in your life? Trust in the vision that lights you up!

Magic makers

Fireflies inspire wonder & awe at the beauty within the ordinary.

They remind us there is magic in all things, especially within ourselves.

What firefly-like people have inspired you?

What would you like to inspire in the world?

Flash of inspiration

Fireflies glow in cycles, patterns, & rhythms. Like lightning, they light up the world only for a second. In that short time, you can see in the darkness & get a sense of where you are.

What cycles or patterns are you engaged in?

What would shining a light on your inner shadows do for you?

Bring A Bug Home

Each Wise Bug pin is approximately 1-1/8in in diameter, hard enamel with metal pinback & comes on a 3.5x2in card backing.

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