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Wise Bug

Green Leaves

"Where you lie down and breathe
the sweet honey of the grass and count
the stars;

where you fall asleep listening
to the simple chords repeated, repeated.

Where, resting, you feel
the perfection, the rising, the happiness
of their dark wings"

Buck Moon-From the Field Guide to Insects 

by Mary Oliver

Wise Bug Message Pins

Ready to learn from some of the Earth's smallest teachers?

Why Wise Bug?

A core part of having coaching sessions together is identifying how you want to integrate sustainable changes in your life & what kind of reminders would be helpful for you to recall the takeaway insights & action items that felt right for you.


Having a tangible, physical reminder of a change I’m looking to integrate into my life is instrumental in my ability to sustain a new practice, as I can often be an “out of sight, out of mind” type of person.


In this spirit, I created these Wise Bug pins to be a tangible reminder of 3 grounding messages for you in your day to day.

These bugs are personal guides & mentors to me in my life & I know they will also inspire you.

Why Wise Bug