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PATCHED Download What Bot Plus Multilingual Portable Zip

If it's ok, I'd just like to make a few more comments:Viniciusban writes that PSPad has no comment-out tool. I don't know if that was true when he posted, but it has one now:Format menu / Add/Remove Comment.Webfork writes that it has trouble handling Very Large Files (VLF). In my experience, there are only a very few editors that can handle VLFs without absorbing all available RAM and none of them (with the possible exception of UltraEdit) is as full-featured as PSPad IMHO. If I must view / edit a VLF, I always use HiEditor from as it is made specifically to work on VLFs without hosing the computer. Unfortunately, it isn't offered on but it is completely portable, writes all settings to an INI file and is very fast.Tom mentions that the "stable" version is 4.5.4. Currently it is 4.5.6 and was uploaded about 11 months ago. Beta version, available from the forum and updated August 2012, is very stable - if the latest version is wanted, grab it from there.PSPad has its problems but they all do - that's why there isn't just a single text editor that everybody uses. While Notepad++ is (undeniably) the most popular text editor for programmers, I find its interface somewhat obscure and its learning curve a bit too steep to make it useful to me. PSPad's interface is much cleaner and simpler and, if I don't use it for months at a time, I can come back to it without worrying about relearning anything - that's why PSPad is my text editor of choice.

Download What Bot Plus Multilingual Portable zip

i 'd already dl a "portable" v2.1.0.1 from softpedia. it just unzips. creates some files in same folder (or subfolder) on 1st run. readme says willcreate a strokes.bin also, but did not notice that (but didn't search hdd for that file, or search for filedate of time of 1st run of kudaz)download page on kudaz is a bit confusing. ver number is same as here (as of now and softpedia when i dled). further down on kudaz page are two diff updates of the 9/9/2007, kudaz.exe 1/28/2007 properties v2.1.0.1 Service Release 3 (all of which matches the exe in the softpedia dl) 1/27/2007, kudaz.exe 9/9/2007 properties readmef says "v2.1.0.1 SR-3h ", which seems to be the not stable version.

You may know what to and what not to download, but it only takes 1 person to download something from a shifty site that may seem legit at first glance but before you know it bam you or a parent are stuck at bleeping computers website for hours being instructed to run script after script scan after scan to try and suss out wtf the once docile machine has now been possessed with and why M$ Defender utterly abandoned you in your hours of need. 041b061a72


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