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Valentine Ignatov
Valentine Ignatov

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True or false? In selling high-value products or services: 'closing' increases your chance of success; it is essential to describe the benefits of your product or service to the customer; objection handling is an important skill; open questions are more effective than closed questions. All false, says this provocative book.

Spin Selling .pdf

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Neil Rackham and his team studied more than 35, 000 sales calls made by 10, 000 sales people in 23 countries over 12 years. Their findings revealed that many of the methods developed for selling low-value goods just don't work for major sales. Rackham went on to introduce his SPIN-Selling method. SPIN describes the whole selling process:

What we like about Command of the Sale and Command of the Message is that they take reps away from product-focused selling toward a customer-centric approach, identifying needs and supporting the client to move towards a decision.

The Sandler Selling System has really nailed the concept of coaching after training, which is crucial for sales people who need to change their selling behavior. We got great feedback from the attendees, which especially mentioned the after training support. 041b061a72


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