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Valentine Ignatov

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A woman with cancer in one breast has a higher risk of developing a new cancer in the other breast or in another part of the same breast. (This is different from a recurrence or return of the first cancer.) Although this risk is low overall, it's even higher for younger women with breast cancer.

2. A decline in overall health status. Sometimes, a voice change can herald a developing medical problem. For example, chronic fatigue and neurological problems can cause a shaking, or tremor, in the voice. The voice can also change because of benign (nodules, polyps) or malignant lesions (cancer), or if one of the vocal folds becomes paralyzed.

There are many symptoms that may accompany pregnancy and menopause. Symptoms in one pregnancy may differ from another pregnancy, even in the same woman. Likewise, menopause symptoms differ from person to person, and they also can change over time. The following are some general symptoms that you may have in perimenopause and pregnancy.

Another option is the long sleeve belted dress (below) which has a flattering v-neck and comes in a choice of prints and colors. It has plenty of positive reviews from women who say it is soft, stretchy, flowy, and covers any lumps and bumps.

This sleeveless cardigan can easily be layered over a dress. For instance, if you popped this over your favorite little black dress, you would create a flattering column of color down the middle of your outfit.

An empire waist dress could work for you by drawing attention to the slimmest part of your torso, which will be the part directly underneath your bust, and skimming over your belly rather than clinging.

Deborah @deborahgates_ above (read her style interview here) shows off a style that would be good to hide a tummy. The drapes skim over the belly area while her red necklace draws the eye up to her face.

Some dresses already come with clever layers built in, like this overlay dress (below) which would be perfect for any formal events you are invited to, for going out to dinner or for wearing more casually with flat sandals during the warmer months.

A blouson dress is another option which can work for some women but not for others. The blouson top can create the illusion that your top half is a little larger as well as draping over the tummy, which makes your waist look smaller.

The long sleeve dress (below) is relatively loose fitting and would look good worn over leggings with boots for winter. The button detailing down the side will draw the eye to your legs rather than tummy.

Thank you for this lovely article on dresses to disguise. It is great to see your choice of dresses are smart and modern rather than staid and dated as sometimes happens for our age group. The only thing is a lot of the dresses are too short for me so it is good you suggest they could be worn over pants or leggings. Keep up the good work.

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