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Everything You Need to Know About Xcom Ew Console Commands

Xcom Ew Console Commands: How to Access and Use Them

Xcom Enemy Within is a turn-based strategy game that pits you against an alien invasion. You can customize your soldiers, research new technologies, and build your base. But sometimes, you may want to tweak some aspects of the game, such as difficulty, resources, or enemy behavior. That's where Xcom Ew Console Commands come in handy.

Xcom Ew Console Commands


Xcom Ew Console Commands are developer commands that allow you to modify the game settings and perform various actions. You can use them to restart a mission, give yourself more money, skip research, spawn enemies, and more. However, using Xcom Ew Console Commands can also disable achievements and cause glitches, so use them at your own risk.

How to Enable Xcom Ew Console Commands

Unlike some other games, Xcom Enemy Within does not have a built-in console that you can access by pressing a key. Instead, you have to edit some files and bind keys to specific commands. Here are the steps to enable Xcom Ew Console Commands:

  • Locate your DefaultInput.ini file. It is normally located in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/xcom-enemy-unknown/XEW/XcomGame/Config and open it with a text editor.

  • Make a backup of your file before editing it.

  • Identify whether your command is a tactical command or a base command. Tactical command means a battle command, base command is only useful during the base sequences of the game.

  • If you wish to bind a tactical command, search for the following line in the ini file: [XComGame.XComTacticalInput]. If you wish to bind a base command look for the following line: [Engine.PlayerInput].

  • Somewhere below these lines you must type in your binds. For example, if you wish to bind the tactical command "restartlevel" on Alt+U, you will type the following line: .Bindings= (Name="U", Command="restartlevel", Alt=True).

  • Name denotes the name of the key, to keep it simple, just use letter keys. Command denotes the command executed. Alt=True denotes that for the command to work you must press Alt in conjunction with the key U.

  • Save the file and launch the game.

  • To use your bound commands, press the corresponding keys during the game.

List of Xcom Ew Console Commands

There are many Xcom Ew Console Commands that you can use to alter the game. Here are some of the most useful ones:

  • GiveResource [resource] [amount] - Gives you a specified amount of a resource. For example, GiveResource elerium 100 will give you 100 elerium.

  • GiveItem [item] [amount] - Gives you a specified amount of an item. For example, GiveItem PlasmaRifle 5 will give you 5 plasma rifles.

  • GiveTech [tech] - Unlocks a specified technology. For example, GiveTech PlasmaRifle will unlock plasma rifle research.

  • GiveFacility [facility] - Builds a specified facility in your base. For example, GiveFacility SatelliteNexus will build a satellite nexus.

  • SelectSoldier [name] - Selects a soldier by name. For example, SelectSoldier Zhang will select Zhang.

  • LevelUpBarracks [number] - Levels up all soldiers in the barracks by a specified number of ranks. For example, LevelUpBarracks 2 will promote all soldiers by 2 ranks.

  • KillAllAIs - Kills all enemies on the map.

  • ToggleGodMode - Toggles god mode for your soldiers.

  • ToggleUnlimitedActions - Toggles unlimited actions for your soldiers.

You can find more Xcom Ew Console Commands here:


Xcom Ew Console Commands are a great way to customize your game experience and have some fun. However, they can also break the game balance and cause bugs, so use them with caution and only when necessary. Remember to backup your files before editing them and enjoy Xcom Enemy Within!

Why Use Xcom Ew Console Commands

Xcom Ew Console Commands can be useful for various reasons. Some players may use them to test different strategies, experiment with different items and technologies, or explore different scenarios. Some players may use them to overcome a difficult mission, fix a bug, or recover from a mistake. Some players may use them to have more fun, create their own challenges, or customize their game experience.

Whatever your reason for using Xcom Ew Console Commands, you should be aware of the potential consequences. Using Xcom Ew Console Commands can disable achievements, corrupt your save files, or cause unexpected errors. Using Xcom Ew Console Commands can also affect the game balance, difficulty, and immersion. Using Xcom Ew Console Commands can make the game too easy, too hard, or too boring. Therefore, you should use Xcom Ew Console Commands with moderation and discretion.

How to Disable Xcom Ew Console Commands

If you want to disable Xcom Ew Console Commands, you can do so by reversing the steps you took to enable them. You can either delete or edit the DefaultInput.ini file that you modified to bind keys to commands. You can either restore the original file from your backup or remove the lines that you added.

If you want to disable Xcom Ew Console Commands temporarily, you can do so by changing the key bindings. You can either change the keys to something else or remove the Alt=True part of the binding. This way, you can still access the console commands if you need them, but they won't interfere with your normal gameplay.

Tips and Tricks for Using Xcom Ew Console Commands

Here are some tips and tricks for using Xcom Ew Console Commands effectively and safely:

  • Always backup your files before editing them or using console commands.

  • Always save your game before using console commands.

  • Use console commands sparingly and only when necessary.

  • Don't use console commands that you don't understand or that could have negative effects.

  • Check the syntax and spelling of your commands before entering them.

  • Use the help command to get a list of available commands and their descriptions.

  • Use the tab key to autocomplete commands and parameters.

  • Use quotation marks around parameters that have spaces in them.

  • Use pipes () to separate multiple commands on one line.



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