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Where To Buy Cedar Hope Chest

Today, cedar hope chests are commonly used at bed ends, more often than not to store sheets, linens, and blankets. They are a fine complement to almost any bedroom furniture set and are also commonly used as alternatives to cheap plastic toy chests by parents seeking to maintain charm and grace in their living room or playrooms - providing a piece that can be used into adulthood and passed down from generation to generation.

where to buy cedar hope chest

A cedar hope chest can also be a convenient way to store your winter clothing or shoes while providing a beautiful, lively scent to anything in the chest - with the natural cedar wood offering moisture management and natural insect repellent that will keep everything in tip-top shape. Explore the wonderful possibilities of incorporating a handcrafted Amish cedar chest into your decor. Watch our Cedar wood video for more information on this unique wood.

At DutchCrafters, we have one of the largest selections of Amish handcrafted cedar hope chests! We take time to find high quality Amish craftsman to work with so we can provide you with the best solid wood cedar chests in the country. Below are some features of our Amish made cedar chests:

Above are just some of the features available to you with DutchCrafters collection of Amish cedar chests. We have many other features and customizations available to help you find "the one" for your home!

Welcome to the home of a wide range of Amish handcrafted furniture such as wooden chests for your home, living room, or office. offers high-quality Amish-made Steamer Trunks, Waterfall Chests, Amish blanket chests, cedar hope chests, reproduction chests, and much more. Our chests are made from solid American hardwoods, Oak, Cherry, Aromatic Red Cedar, and Maple. We value our customers and do everything that we can meet their expectations by delivering a quality piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have about our products. We will be sure to answer your questions as soon as possible.

With a variety of styles and accessories, our Amish cedar and other wooden blanket chests are made with the utmost craftsmanship. Inquire today about custom wood types and finishes on your next furniture purchase.

Our cedar chests are beautiful, heirloom-quality pieces that are designed to last for generations. Each cedar chest is created individually from from solid hardwoods (not veneer) by Amish master craftsmen. We have a dozen years experience in making, packing and shipping hundreds of chests to arrive safe and secure for you. No assembly required.

Once the entire vintage hope chest was sanded with the 80 grit sandpaper, I then switched to the 220 grit. I wanted to ensure the cedar chest was completely smooth and ready for the next step, which was the stain.

I have removed the veneer on a 1957 Lane Cedar chest exterior. The remainder is beautiful Eastern red cedar. Just one question: Why is the interior stained with a red finish over the cedar? The rear exterior was stained this color as well, but I sanded it off. What is the purpose of the red stain? Do I need to apply this stain(?) or protective coating(?) to the now-exposed raw cedar? I am a bit worried that by removing the veneer, I may have endangered my chest. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

What other sealers would you recommend for a cedar chest? I'm refinishing my grandma's chest. I have it stripped but am afraid to apply stain because I can't decide on a color. And I don't want to sand/strip it again. When I finally do decide on a color, I want to preserve the chest. Not sure I'm up for lacquer.

Are you looking for a beautiful place to store keepsakes? Then the Amish cedar chests from Horning's Country Store are your solution. We are happy to offer handcrafted cedar hope chests from long-lasting hardwood materials. The enduring design and quality construction of all our Amish trunks are sure to please any of our clients and serve as something to pass down for generations. If you are interested in purchasing one of our Amish cedar chests, visit our store in Lykens, PA, today!

Our Cedar Chests Series by Cedar Ridge offers you the best in cedar storage. Each chest uses solid aromatic cedar with a clear finish, giving you the beautiful color variations you desire. These chests come standard with folding lid support, lock, and casters.

All the cedar hope chests available to be purchased at our shop are made with quality Amish woods that are built to last through generations. We offer our Amish trunks from two top-rated brands, Cedar Ridge and Interior Expressions. Each of these Amish cedar chests offers a great place for storage and beautiful color variations to choose from. Many of these styles come with a folding lid, lock, and casters to help keep safe the objects tucked inside your Amish toy chest. If you are interested in adding one of these beautiful cedar hope chests to your home, contact our store today to learn more!

When it comes to adding beautiful storage space to your living room, bedroom, or dining room, our Amish trunks are hard to beat. All our cedar chests for sale come created with quality materials. Here are some ideas of how to use your Amish trunk once you get it:

No matter what you choose to put inside your Amish cedar chest, know that it will be durable and protect your items from pests. Fill out an online form to get the availability and pricing on our Amish trunks!

Here is a quick review of my methods for refinishing and bleaching the cedar hope chest. Please note, every piece of furniture is different and you may need to test several methods to find the right one for your piece! As always, follow the instructions from the products used below for safety!

There are many different forms of cedar wood and many are used for eye jolting trunks and chest. These hope chests were given as gifts and passed down through family members for the storing of blankets or sweaters in the summer months. Cedar delivers a woody but fresh smell to items that are placed in the big wooden box and is favored for these reasons. Different cedar woods can come in unique colors depending on the type of cedar tree it is cut from. In turn, some cedar trunks and chest can display red hues in the wood or deep grainy like colors. Cedar is durable, light and in some cases decay resistant. Even though these are all traits of cedar, if cedar trunks and chest are neglected, they will need to be preserved properly by a professional to maintain the look and feel of the original piece.

Cedar trunks and chests come in all shapes and sizes some with special designs and patterns. Some cedar chest and trunks have been in families for generations and some are found in antique shops. If you have a hidden gem that needs to be restored than Colonial Restoration are your experts. Preserving a cedar trunk or chest in its current condition can be challenging for some. Taking in the consideration of humidity and proper removal of dust is important when restoration cedar furniture. Using quality experts for your cedar chest repair is important to not ruining the piece of furniture.

Often, such items have a long family history. They are passed along from one generation to the next. This can make them a treasured item just due to the sentimental value that comes along with them. You may remember listening to your grandmother share stories about the items she once kept in it! You can also buy a cedar chest or trunk from a thrift store and have it restored to a condition that makes it usable.

Not all types of wood used for cedar chests or trunks are the same quality or design. They offer a great scent, and they may look similar. However, an expert with this type of repair and restoration is going to be able to identify the type of wood that was used as well as the quality of it. This can influence the options they can offer in regard to restoring it for you.

You may be surprised just how afford it is to get a cedar chest or trunk repaired and restored. With a free estimate, you can find out what the process involves, how long it is going to take, and the cost. You can ask questions and make a final decision without any obligation. Once you have such details, you can decide if you would like to go forward with the process.

By the fireplace or under the picture window the Seat Rail chest will bring years of enjoyment and functionality to your home. Seat Rail chests are ideal for use at the foot of your bed, their softly padded tops double for extra seating space. Cedar bottom is standard and full cedar lining is available on both Oak and Cherry. Available in solid Cherry, Cedar or Oak. Our Seat Rail series come in either medium or standard (Large) sizes. Carpet casters are standard on both models, as well as a lock on the lid. The safety hinges insure little fingers wont get pinched.

CPSC has received reports of 34 deaths since 1996 involving children younger than 18. Tragically, in January 2014, a brother and sister in Franklin, Mass. suffocated to death after becoming trapped inside a 75-year-old Lane cedar chest recalled in 1996.

Types of chests with these hazards include toy chests, cedar chests, cedar trunks, cedar boxes, hope chests, blanket chests, storage benches, and storage trunks. These chests may be located in living areas or bedrooms and used daily, or stored in attics, basements or garages. They often are passed down as family heirlooms or found in resale stores.

For the time being, Western Red Knotty Cedar Trunks are not available due to continuing supply chain issues resulting from Covid mill closures. We hope to be able to procure more cedar in the near future.

Blanket chests and cedar chests have occupied a prominent place in the world of home furnishings for centuries. Cedar chests, also called hope chests, date back to 15th century Italy. There, they displayed the impressive dowry of future brides. Such as clothing, linens, quilts, and dishware. Also, these chests were often passed on from mothers to daughters. 041b061a72


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