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Cheapest Country To Buy Prada

The USA is one of the cheapest countries to purchase designer fashion, with four of the luxury items on the list, including the Chanel 2.55 and Cartier Love Bracelet, costing the least in the USA. In fact, you can save up to 4,813 by shopping in the USA compared to abroad.

cheapest country to buy prada


Europe is one of the cheapest continents to shop in, with 5 out of the 12 cheapest countries located in Europe. You can save up to 700 by travelling to Europe for your luxury shopping trip for items including the Fendi Canvas Baguette bag and Louboutins New Very Prive.

This might come as a surprise to you since Yves Saint Laurent is a French brand it should be cheaper in France. However, every fashion lover knows Yves Saint Laurent is actually manufactured in Italy, which means fabric prices. Go to Milan, then drive to Serravalle. The cheapest Saint Laurent handbags are sold in a mall in this city. You can end up getting a handbag at 30% of the market price. If you are a fan of Yves Saint Laurent definitely take a look at the city.

Again, Italian brands in Italy. Dolce & Gabanna is another brand you can find ridiculously cheaper in its home country. The brand fulfills all our best dreams related to handbags and Italy is here to make them come true. When you are buying your Sac de Jour, make sure you take a look around Dolce & Gabanna, you might end up getting a double (or triple once you read the next subheading) treat for yourself.

To receive the VAT refund you must meet certain requirements. Actually, the VAT rules in Europe differ from country to country. For example, to be eligible for a VAT refund in France, you must spend a minimum of 175.01 Euros at one store. In France, the VAT refund rate is usually 12% if processed in-store via a refund agency. To receive a VAT refund in Italy, a foreign shopper must spend at least 155 Euros at one store. Then, the refund rate is 22 percent if processed by the shopper. In Germany, to qualify for a VAT refund, the total on one receipt must be 25 Euros or more. The refund rate in Germany is 19 percent if you choose to process it by yourself.

The Association of International Retail (AIR) has already warned the UK it is to become the only European country not to offer VAT-free shopping for foreigners. However, the real question is, will UK still manage to attract international shoppers without a VAT refund scheme? According to a study published by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), 90 percent of foreign shoppers are less likely to spend money in UK stores the next time they visit the country, while 60 percent responded that they would avoid visiting UK altogether. 041b061a72


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