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Sanam Harjai: The Story of Love and Betrayal | Bollywood Movie Review

Sanam Harjai: A Bollywood Romantic Drama

Sanam Harjai is a 1995 Hindi film that revolves around the theme of love and betrayal. It tells the story of Raj, a charming but deceitful man who seduces two women, Neelu and Tina, and leaves them pregnant and heartbroken. The film stars Himanshu, Simran, and Saadhika Randhawa in the lead roles, and is directed and produced by Saawan Kumar Tak. Sanam Harjai was the first Indian film to be shot in New Zealand, and was inspired by the 1993 blockbuster Baazigar. However, unlike Baazigar, Sanam Harjai received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences, and was a box office flop. In this article, we will explore the plot, the cast and crew, the reception, and the trivia of Sanam Harjai.

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The plot of Sanam Harjai

The film begins with Raj (Himanshu), a young man who lives with his foster mother (Reema Lagoo) in Mumbai. He meets Neelu (Saadhika Randhawa), a naive girl who falls in love with him at first sight. Raj pretends to love her back, and convinces her to elope with him. He tells her that he is going to America for a business trip, but instead goes to New Zealand, where he meets Tina (Simran), a rich girl who owns a hotel. Raj uses his charm and wit to woo Tina, and makes her fall in love with him. He also manages to get a job at her hotel as a manager.

Meanwhile, Neelu's father (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), who is a lawyer, hires a private detective (Shiva Rindani) to find Raj. He learns that Raj is not in America, but in New Zealand. He also finds out that Raj has a criminal record, and that he has duped many women before. He informs Neelu about Raj's true identity, and asks her to forget him. Neelu is devastated, but decides to move on with her life.

Raj continues his affair with Tina, until one day he gets a call from his foster mother. She tells him that she is dying of cancer, and wants to see him before she dies. Raj decides to leave Tina without telling her anything. He also steals some money from her hotel's safe. Tina is shocked and heartbroken when she finds out that Raj has left her.

Raj returns to Mumbai, where he meets his foster mother on her deathbed. She reveals to him that she is not his real mother, but his aunt. She tells b70169992d


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