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Uber Tracked IPhones Even After Wiping, Until Cook Stopped It

Late last year, an update to the app meant that customers locations would be tracked, five minutes before and after the ride, to ensure a safe exit etc. The update required consent to apply (in line with Apple's guidelines) and allows Uber to track the user even when they are not using the app.

Uber tracked iPhones even after wiping, until Cook stopped it

I personally had a scammer customer on my ubereats. It was terrible, but I got lucky and didn't ruin my reputation. Some dude ordered 2 bacon strips from Dennys (i found out long after the event). They immediately called to get "personal" information from me while pretending to be from uber. They wanted name, phone number, account information... I told them that it was dangerous to do this while I was driving (I only told them my phone number, and didn't think nothing of it; but I was suspicious on why Uber wanted that info.). After I parked, I called "uber help customer support" and had them "conference call" with the scammer fake Uber customer support. The official uber deleted the customer from the app, but it was too late because I gave the customer my real phone number while driving. That asshole kept trying to call me back. Luckily my cellphone has a "BLOCK" option. I already get daily spam calls from robo tellers (Police/government does nothing to robo callers, pretending they cannot trace them). I haven't notice any new robo callers yet.

Started to happen a lot in Los Angeles, In the latest instance, I wasn't in rush and decided to wait until driver cancels..Normally he was very close and ride should take 3 mins and after 25 minutes he cancelled but before he cancelled he drove through my street, I saw him but he didn't stop.. After he saw me he even speed up... During this time, I took screenshots and wanted to dispute...

Started to happen a lot in Los Angeles,In the latest instance, I wasn't in rush and decided to wait until driver cancels..Normally he was very close and ride should take 3 mins and after 25 minutes he cancelled but before he cancelled he drove through my street, I saw him but he didn't stop.. After he saw me he even speed up...During this time, I took screenshots and wanted to dispute the driver for better Uber experience for everyone...Uber declined my dispute and didn't return $5, which is not a big amount.. But did nothing about the situation!!Wanted to escalate since I have screenshots and all the proofs, same copy paste answer all the time..UBER HAS WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!

As a driver I can think of a few scenarios that answer this question. If the driver's phone loses or experiences intermittent or slow data, his car will appear to sit still for you. If he is talking on the phone while driving to you, same thing. Heavy cell and data usage on a busy weekend event had e the same for me. (Had a ride cancelled because I wad too far away when I said arrived but I was at the bar entrance). I learned this by driving 20 minutes into the boonies for a rider. He canceled as I was entering the on ramp for the interstate highway. Had to drive another 6 miles to turn around..47 minutes and 19 miles of my way..I did get 3.84 after several days of contact with uber.. because I made screen shots of my progress. So.. takeaway for a rider... if your drivers ETA exceeds 10 minutes from the original quote, you may cancel without a fee... so says uber.

Sorry to hear that happened to you, am an uber/lyft driver and no as driver I feel this person shouldn't be working for uber, I always wait for my passanger, call them and even tho I wait after their time is up( 5 minute waiting period) and if I see I don't have no response well I cancel and leave, but yes some drivers are taking advantage, it shouldn't be like that

The most egregious example was just a couple of weeks ago. I ordered an Uber and the car was about a mile from me (I am in a suburb of SF). The app said it would be a few minutes until the car arrived but the car started going a different direction, basically the very long route toward my location. It then at some point stopped at a residence. I assumed the driver was dropping another passenger off, even though the app didn't indicate this, and so I waited. When the car didn't move for a while I tried to text/call the driver, with no response.

It's happened to me in Philadelphia at the airport but in other places as well when i was using and Lyft. Both were the same and even worse, until recently i couldn5 even find thr cancel but until the 5 min had passed. Not saying it was not there (yeah, i don't believe it was( but the drivers arent the only ines playing ganes. I think uber and lyft play their own games as well.

The thing that most people dont understand is that this isn't necessarily a scam. The reality is that Uber and Lyft do not show drivers where you are going until after you are in the car and the driver has started the ride. The reason this is important to understand is that if you end up needing to go 2 miles in a certain direction but that way takes the driver into heavy traffic and the ride might last an hour. But since you were only going a mile or two the pay for that ride, even if you paid a lot for it, is garbage. Uber and Lyft will take the majority of that money for themselves. So that driver may make $6 and have spent an hour on that run. The issue with cancellations is that after accepting Uber and Lyft will punish the driver for cancelling, even in cases of an actual emergency. For the majority of drivers it is not about the cancellation fee. Most driver couldn't care less about that fee unless you actually wasted their time. The issue rests with Uber and Lyft not showing them where you are going and allowing the driver to make an informed decision about whether they want to take the run or not. When you're working as a contractor you're supposed to have all those facts so you can make the appropriate decisions for your bottom line. If you want to place appropriate blame somewhere then place it at the feet of Uber and Lyft. They are the responsible parties in this instance.

It's true it happens a lot in Miami. I once had a driver blocked bya bridge that called me to cancel, I didn't. Another time I requested a pool and the driver picked me up before entering the vehicle and drove past me. When I texted him to tell him that he didnt pick me up, he didnt reply. When I called he said he didnt speak english and he told me to cancel. I didn't immediately cancel. I waited until the car was near me destination which was about 7 minutes away then I canceled. I immediately requested another pool. I requested a refund twice for the trip I didnt take Uber refused to give me a refund, so I requested a refund from the trip that I did take with the info from the previous trip to prove that I was still at the same location and had to take another Uber that was when I got my refund for the failed trip. I also had a driver that was "allegedly " doing a Lyft, he was driving in the opposite direction and when I called him he stated that he did not accept an Uber that he was doing a Lyft. He stated that he has no record of me and doesn't know why I'm calling him. When that ride was accepted on his end his ETA was 2 minutes.l, now his ETA was 13 minutes so I felt safe cancelling. I was notcharged fir the trip and the Uber app asked if I wanted to find another driver, but I still feel like that driver should've been penalized. Another issue I've had with Uber was when I went grocery shopping. The driver pulled into a parking spot while there were alot of cars in front of him but I saw him and I guess he tried to let the clock wind down. Uber charges a wait time if the driver doesn't stop the clock after the 2 minutes, but I'm not sure what he was doing. I texted him and told him that he needs to pull up to the front of the store. no reply. So I walked over to him. And his reply was. "Sorry, I dont speak English." uber needs to incorporate a translate feature in the chat. So that whatever language the driver speaks is the language they receive text messages.

I used to be base in MIA and I always used Uber or Lyft. What happened to you is pretty common there. Some drivers have been waiting there for sometime. So if they feel they are not going to make that much they might do that. I used to know when it was going to happen by looking at the drivers movement. What I normally do is I write them and say "I see you haven't move, if you have no intention on coming please cancel the ride. Cause I will be charge. And I know what you are doing." Other advice I could give you is don't go to the baggage claim area to uber. There is too much people there, so you will wait forever even if you get someone to pick you up. Instead walk to the MIA mover, hop in it and Uber outside the rental car area or the tri-rial entrance. The drivers that pick you there are not usually the ones that are line up at the airport. If by any chance you get one that has been waiting at the airport that one might cancel on you. So just cancel until you get one is not there.


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