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[S1E7] This Is Happening !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us episode 7 and the original game.The Last of Us episode 7 features the story of Ellie and Riley, which ends in a predictably tragic place for HBO's show. While the opening sequence of The Last of Us episode 7 centers on Ellie attempting to get Joel to safety, it quickly switches focus to Ellie's experiences with Riley in the Boston QZ. The episode takes place primarily in this setting, around three weeks before the events of The Last of Us episode 1.

[S1E7] This Is Happening

The obvious answer is that Riley turned into an infected monster after The Last of Us episode 7's ending, yet the subtle hints of Ellie's role in this sprinkled throughout the show are truly heartbreaking. In The Last of Us episode 4, Ellie states that shooting the Hunter was not the first time she has hurt someone before deflecting Joel's questions about this. It can be inferred that Ellie was talking about Riley, with Ellie likely being forced to shoot Riley after the latter turned, and the former discovered her The Last of Us immunity.

Another lingering question from The Last of Us episode 7's ending surrounds how Ellie ends up with the Fireflies for the events of The Last of Us episode 1. As evident from the latter, Marlene knew Ellie in The Last of Us due to the Firefly's connection to Anna, Ellie's mother. However, this does not explain how Marlene found Ellie, which is subtly answered in The Last of Us episode 7. In that episode, it is revealed that Riley joined the Fireflies and was stationed in the mall to guard some Firefly supplies.

One aspect of The Last of Us episode 7 which is very interesting is the way the show flips Joel and Ellie's story from episode 6. The entirety of The Last of Us episode 6 showcased Joel's growing fear over his connection to Ellie, and how his drive to save her due to his prior losses stems from this. The Last of Us episode 7 though, flips this by focusing on Ellie's drive to save Joel because of the pain she felt losing Riley. This is a beautiful way of showing how each character feels about the other while making both infinitely more sympathetic in the process.

With the Riley hints from The Last of Us' thus far finally being paid off, the question of why this story was worth telling within the show remains. The importance links to Ellie's character arc, especially going into the finale of The Last of Us and season 2. The crux of Ellie's character arc across the series centers on her immunity and how that regularly contributes to her survivor's guilt. This guilt also causes Ellie's main fear, her fear of being alone which she described to Sam and also Joel in The Last of Us episode 6.

Both of these things - her survivor's guilt and fear - come from her experiences with Riley. Riley was Ellie's first love, and tragically the first person to die from infection after Ellie discovered her immunity. This factors into the future of The Last of Us, both explaining why she is now so connected to Joel and does not want him to leave her, and why she is so committed to fulfilling the Fireflies' dream of synthesizing a cure. All of this will come into play in a big way in The Last of Us' final two episodes, and even into season 2.

These events lead to when Ellie was bitten, discovering her immunity, and her introduction to Marlene and the Fireflies. However, before this, her relationship with Riley is showcased. At the end of the episode, Ellie and Riley's relationship ends on a tragic note as did the ending of The Last of Us episode 6. Despite the heartbreaking ending, Riley's fate is left somewhat up in the air.

As much as Isaac annoys me to no end, it was so great to see him finally questioning everything he knew about this operation that he found himself in. He had been doing it for quite some time now, but this time he's reached a point of no return and he's officially jumped ship.

This thing where the Swaggers feel compelled to stay in constant contact despite all this sh*t going on is rather frustrating. If Julie is accustomed to Bob Lee being overseas for longer stretches of time, why can't she go however long it takes for Bob Lee to resolve all of this without secret rendezvous or daily secret emails?

Nadine cannot catch a break. I didn't envy her one bit having to watch this woman who had been fleeing for her life since all of this started, being killed right in front of her eyes. Only for the killers to tell her to her face that she was next.

Would you have remained watching all of that happening knowing that the killers could see you? Or would it not have mattered anyway? Nadine has made a name for herself during this entire investigation so she's sort of been putting herself at risk anyway.

When he told her that he needed her and she went to her boss and told him to suspend her so that she could end all of this once and for all, I got a bit excited. I'm fully anticipating some really fun action that might not be by the books, and when it comes to my fiction that's the way I like it.

I still want to know more about why the Russians used an American private contractor to assassinate the Ukrainian president. There is so much happening in the show, that sometimes it feels like it loses sight of that part of the plot.

The Last Of Us Season 1 Episode 7 might be a bit slow for those who know the details and do not wish to rehash them, as it is basically a shot for shot remake. However, this is exactly why some fans will be over the moon about it. Here is our recap and review, complete with spoilers so you have been warned.

Next, we see her in her room reading comics. Also in the room is an empty bed, which she keeps looking over at. At 1:53 am someone opens the window in her room and it is Riley. Fans from the video games will be thrilled to see this, and will immediately know what is to follow. It might be difficult, but it will be worth it.

The cinematic choices at this point are brilliant. Viewers flash between seeing Ellie looking for medicine and supplies for Joel in the present day and breaking things in the mall while Riley just sits there and watches.

This was a much anticipated episode of The Last Of Us, and while it arrived sooner than expected, it really delivered. Here we get to explore the relationship between Ellie and Riley. We learn a lot about her past, including how she got bit. It feels like it is ripped exactly from the video game, and while most players will love this, some might find it redundant or slow. Where we have seen slight changes in the past, this really is not the case, which is what can cause The Last Of Us Season 1 Episode 7 to feel like we already saw it (because we did).

For those who have not played the game and do not know the story, The Last Of Us Season 1 Episode 7 is sure to be a standout of the season. Finally explaining things they did not know. With just two episodes left, we are excited to see where this goes from here.

Immediately Elizabeth goes and gets in another fight with her mother. "How could you let me down like this?" While the Queen Mother fires back that she thought they were past fighting before she goes after Elizabeth's parenting abilities. "We all have to accept our limitations in life," she says. Ouch, way harsh.

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Viv is still pretty upset with Phil about taking money out of their account without discussing it, so she decided to put herself first and headed to an art show in San Diego. Phil tells Geoffrey to get some flowers or plan a nice dinner for when she gets back, but Geoffrey had some news to share with Phil too. Reid, played by Micheal Ealy, was also going to be at this art show, and Georffrey said he was someone they needed to worry about.

The President ends up agreeing to a ground assault since surveillance also picked up the twelve hostages, including his friend Dr. Daniel Nadler. Jack takes this moment to speak up and request Samir be treated as a hostage and not a hostile, especially because Hanin has been nothing but helpful. He agrees, and Jack finally has a relaxed smile on his face knowing that an innocent boy has the chance at a new life.

Perhaps acting on Bunny's suggestion, Mike heads to the prison to visit with Milo in person. Milo repeats his request for a favor from Mike but Mike only seems worried about the fate of Iris and ensuring that Milo stays in prison or dies. Milo tells Mike that Iris failed to do her job so she's going back to her old job, but he's glad to know that the way to get to Mike is to break an angel. Milo then tells him that he only needs Mike to find a metal case in the woods and that he can take the FBI tails with him when he does. Mike doesn't agree to the favor immediately, but seems willing to take this on.

The Melting Man and Jason Todd returned to the back seat this week as the reunited Titans continue their offensive against the mysterious Organization. Dr. Adamson remained a shower-bound prisoner of the quartet, but, like always, there is so much more behind its public face. Adamson remains simply a threshold to the wider reach of his compatriots. The scope of that purvey was revealed, unearthing new allies, enemies and existential crises. Such things tend to happen when one ventures into the belly of the beast. 041b061a72


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