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Enter hand-dyeing. Each skein is handled and manipulated individually - by a person, an artisan. The individual handling creates minute differences from skein to skein - even within the same batch - making each skein an individual work of artistry and skill.


Here at Yarn Love, hand-dyed yarn represents a small shelter from our fast-paced and increasingly digital world. A chance to bring a small bit of artistry and creativity into daily life. Every time I cast on with a hand-dyed skein, I remember why making things by hand, with care and intention, brings fulfillment and joy into my life.

We have been hand-dyeing fabric for over 30 years, and have perfected the rich, suede look of this gorgeous fabric. Cherrywood can be used in quilts, garments, home decorating, and anywhere else you want a solid color that doesn't just lay flat.

First up: hand-dyed. "Hand-dyed" refers to a variety of techniques, from hand-painting to dip-dyeing. I use the term to refer to any yarn or fiber that's dyed by a small company or an individual dyer, rather than a big industrial dye house.

Hand-dyeing gives you access to a much wider range of color choices than would otherwise be available. It also often entails more painstaking or complex dyeing processes than are possible for larger companies. And, it bears the "mark of the maker" who dyed it; for most hand-dyers, big dye lots of identical skeins aren't our objective. To me, this makes hand-dyed yarns wonderfully interesting to work with, but it can present some challenges that I'll get into later in the series.There are many methods of hand-dyeing yarn; in this series I'm going to talk about four of the most common: hand-painting, immersion-dyeing, low-water immersion dyeing (sometimes referred to as kettle dyeing) and dip-dyeing. Here at Sheepspot I use almost all of them. I'll take an in-depth look at each one in the next post, and then go on to discuss how different dye techniques will affect your finished objects, as well as ways to have more control over your final results.

The Expressions Batiks Hand-Dyes by Riley Blake Designs are great for quilting, apparel and home decor. The art of hand-dying fabric is a time-honored craft that adds color and depth to fabric without applying any specific motif or repeating pattern. Applied by hand, the dye is completely entrenched into the fibers for a rich and dazzling saturation of color. The painterly nature of a hand-dye is achieved by scrunching or folding the fabric before applying the dye. Riley Blake Designs batiks are ethically sourced and made with the highest quality fabric. Each hand-dyed print is designed and developed by cultivating relationships with true batik artisans in Indonesia. Due to the hand-crafted nature of batiks, fabric may vary from image.

Marbleized colors that evoke ink paintings on canvas seep across Antiquities' classic silhouettes, each piece unique with varying shades of these natural colors. These linen pieces are individually hand-dyed by artisans in Fukuoka using ink and persimmon tannin and may be worn throughout the seasons.

Luxury non-wool yarn hand-dyed to order in silk, silk/linen, silk/seacell, silk/bamboo, and bamboo from cobweb to dk. Each skein is dyed one at a time here in my Atlanta studio. From my hands and heart to yours.

The love and care that goes into the making of hand-dyed yarns can be felt by the knitter or crocheter as they work with the yarn. In turn, the care with which the yarn has been made also gets added to the love that the knitter or crocheter work into their project. The end product is an item that is brimming with love in every stitch worked.

While the price of the hand-dyed natural indigo raw denim jeans commands a higher price than machine-dyed synthetic indigo denim, the real benefit is a more traditional, authentic, and longer lasting garment. Regardless of your preference, bear in mind that this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for!

The standard in luxury bridal bouquet ribbon. Slow-crafted, hand-dyed silk ribbons arouse a sense of tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for mother nature. The natural choice to adorn your bridal bouquet. EXPLORE our lush range of plant dyed hues.

In West Africa, indigo really is 'the king of colours'. These hand-dyed indigos are all created by our friend Musa Jaiteh in his family compound in Sukuta. Musa uses stitching, tying and wax stamping to create a resist before hand-dyeing with indigo. All fabrics are 100% cotton, either damask or a light plain weave, as indicated. 041b061a72


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