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VA - Top 1000 Songs Of The Last 30 Years - RTL Ultimate Chart Show Collection (2005) Stories and Interviews

theres no telling what the next decade will bring in hip-hop. but one thing is for sure: at least for a while, itll be dominated by the likes of future and migos. their latest project, hndrxx, is arguably one of the most important rap albums of the last few years. as the name might suggest, its a track-by-track attempt to build on the foundations laid down by dj khaled in 2016s suffered enough, but its production is much more sophisticated. its certainly got a wider scope than khaleds, yet its still distinctly an afrofuturistic rap record. wilson

VA - Top 1000 songs of the last 30 years - RTL Ultimate chart show collection (2005)

kiss, david bowie, david cook, lady gaga, led zeppelin, the rolling stones and the beatles are all mentioned in the opening credit roll. the rolling stones were the first artists featured in this years ultimate chart show and they were the first to feature on this years ultimate chart show. the ultimate chart show theme is 'forgiveness'. music from the 80s to the present were included and ranked from the 1st position to the 1000th position. the '1st position' is the song with the most points and as this show reached the 1000th position, all the songs that the 1000th position had reached were removed from the chart and they were replaced with the 1st position. this means that the first 10,000 ranked songs are not included on the chart.

the chart is based on the number of cumulative points received from tv viewers, and is divided into 4 parts, each containing the top 10 entries. the top 100 'radio songs' and the top 100 'streamed songs' are based on radio play, sales, streams and video views. the top 100 'songs video viewed' is based on video views. the top 100 'chart edit' is based on both radio and tv points. the top 10 'chart edit' is based on the radio and tv points. each of the four parts can be viewed separately as a table or can be viewed as a chart. the 4 charts can be combined to create the ultimate chart show. the chart is split into four parts: top 100 radio songs, top 100 streamed songs, top 100 songs video viewed, top 100 chart edit.


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