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How To Get Rare Units In Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier has event quests available inside the Vortex Gate, allowing players to obtain evolutionary units, Zel or promotional rare units not found in Rare Summons. Certain dungeons, such as Metal Parades, Jewel Parades, and Imp Parades require keys to unlock for a limited time. In-Game Events are in the Vortex Gate, and players will be rewarded with a free unit if completed. Players can challenge each other in the arena and win prizes for attaining a certain rank. The game also features Frontier Hunter trials, allowing players to raise their Hunter Ranks, Raid Battles, a Slot Machine Feature, Mini games, Daily Missions and Grand Quest.

how to get rare units in brave frontier

The S Tier has the most powerful units from the game. They have abilities that make them almost invincibles. If you have played brave frontier before, you would be aware of the importance of defense, damage, and buffs. It is very rare for a character to checkmark all of them but the ones in our S Tier have boosted abilities in all of them.

The B Tier of our Brave Frontier Tier List is certainly not the best characters in the game and the units are way below the characters in the S and A tiers but they are certainly not useless. These characters are not boosted in terms of abilities like the ones in the tiers above but they can be used very wisely and partnered with the characters from the upper tier to achieve success in the brave frontier. 350c69d7ab


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