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Party Snacks To Buy

Having the best keto snacks at your next gathering will make you the hit of the party, no matter if your guests follow the keto lifestyle or not. At Keto and Co, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy, delicious, and nutritious food, whether they follow a keto diet or not. Check out some of these snacks and recipes for your next party!

party snacks to buy

Snacking on keto whole foods is a great way to keep your guests satisfied while keeping it healthy. With basically no preparation required, the basic keto staples are your best friend here. Items like olives, nuts, and cheeses can often be served as small snacks by themselves. Hard-boiled eggs are another great option and can be offered with mayo, cream cheese, or any of your favorite keto dips. Protein-packed foods like a cold-cut platter or fresh bacon slices are some other excellent keto-friendly snacks that your friends and family will love.

Delicious, low carb vegetables are a great option to serve your guests, and they can be paired with several tasty, healthy dips. Celery and cucumbers are some of the lowest carb veggies that you can offer at your party. Yellow, red, and green peppers have a slightly higher carb load but are still a healthy choice, albeit in lower servings. Carrot sticks are another option, but with their higher amount of carbs than the other vegetables, keep the portion sizes small. Try pairing your veggie trays with sour cream, cream cheese, or your favorite keto-friendly dipping sauce.

If you have a gluten intolerance, and are looking for delicious, flavorful gluten-free snacks to buy, you've come to the right place. Most of these snacks can be found online or in store including Whole Foods.

As a team of snack fiends that have tried an abundance of gluten-free snacks, we've curated an appetizing list of gluten-free snacks ranging in a variety of flavors, textures, and dietary needs. Most of these snacks provide health benefits made from good-for-you ingredients.

If you're a carnivore and enjoy snacking on hearty, flavorful, snacks, you'll love our Limon Con Chile Beef Jerky. Not only is it one of many gluten-free flavors we have, but it's also sugar-free, carb-free, and packed with 16g of protein per ounce. It's thick and dry, marinated in a savory chile blend and bright citrus bite. It will keep you fuller longer and satisfy any cravings.

These apple chips are made from real apples and baked until they are crunchy and crispy. Made with two simple ingredients (apples and cinnamon) and baked to perfection, these apple chips are tasty gluten-free snacks. They are also made without any added sugar and are light enough to be the perfect portable, convenient anytime snack.

When it comes to hosting gatherings, Trader Joe's party foods can really save the day. With a wide selection of easy-to-make frozen options and savory sweets that'll have everyone reaching for more, this affordable supermarket has everything you need to throw the party of the year while still staying on a budget. And whether you're a first-time host or just looking to refresh your menu for the night, you've come to the right place, because we've chosen our favorite Trader Joe's party food items that are sure to light up your table.

Whether your guests are craving crunchy mac-and-cheese bites or are leaning more toward a light dip, these TJ's items will become a staple at every event from here on out. Truth is, your food options can make or break a get-together, but it's not like you have time to whip up homemade everything before your friends come over. That's why we love these premade, easy-to-make snacks, hors d'oeuvres, and bite-size delights, which are truly so tasty, you might even be tempted to hold some back for leftovers tomorrow. (We promise not to tell your guests.) Read ahead to see our favorite Trader Joe's party food picks, and don't forget to grab a couple of bottles of cheap wine while you're at it!

Think of these delicious Fancy Cheese Crunchies as a step up from your traditional Cheetos or pretzel appetizers, but without sacrificing any of that cheesy, comfort-food deliciousness. Plus, they're the perfect Trader Joe's party food, since they require zero effort and are a total crowd pleaser: just pour them into a bowl and get snacking.

Similar to Brie, just made in a different part of France, this creamy, flavored-filled cheese makes a fancy and easy appetizer for any gathering. Just bake for a bit, and add nuts, honey, and jam to make this Trader Joe's party food complete.

How cute are these?! Corn tortillas filled with chicken, green chiles, jalapeños, and cilantro, Trader Joe's Mini Chicken Tacos are flavorful enough to serve on their own. You can also dress them up with individual cups of guacamole or salsa to make them even more party-ready.

You can't beat the price of this delicious oven flatbread, especially since it's ready in just 12 minutes. Pop it in the oven before guests come over, and you'll have the perfect Trader Joe's party food ready to go.

These snacks are simple, easy to make and popular with adults and children. Select a variety of in-season fruits, chop them into bite-sized pieces and thread onto a skewer. To elevate the dish, serve with a chocolate or yogurt-based dipping sauce.

Can I get an amen for apps that can be made in the microwave?! These crowd-pleasing poppers are made with real mozzarella cheese, packing a hearty 7 grams of protein per serving. Throw them on the table with a jar of low-sugar marinara sauce for a simple, family-friendly party snack.($8;

Like meatballs but with meat-free ingredients, these little poppers are perfect for your plant-based friends. Keep them stashed in the freezer for a party emergency, then throw them straight in the oven for 20 minutes until warmed through.($4;

True sports fans will tell you that the Super Bowl is all about the big game. The rest of us know that the real reason we gather around the television every February is for one reason alone: the snacks.

We've scouted the aisles of our favorite grocery stores in search of the most enticing new snacks, perfect for munching from kickoff to the final seconds of the game. As you shop ahead of your Super Bowl party, keep a lookout for these latest arrivals.

Doritos has once again launched a new flavor, just in time for the big game. Unlike some of the wilder Doritos varieties of the past, this one is more of a sure bet. The new Doritos Sweet & Tangy BBQ chips are dusted with a blend of molasses, paprika and tomato powder, combining for a smoky, satisfying umami-packed crunch. Keep your eyes peeled at the local grocery store for these. A 9.25-ounce bag costs $3.48 at Walmart, while the bigger party size is $4.48 at Sam's Club. Careful, you may find yourself fighting over them.

Super Bowl appetizers are all about the chips and dip. If you are hosting a party and want a real crowd-pleaser spread, make sure to include some buffalo chicken dip. The new Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Chicken Dip at Costco might be the star dish of the evening. A 32-ounce container costs $12.99 at the warehouse. You may want to grab a couple of these just in case your guests love it a little too much and it vanishes before kickoff.

When hosting a Super Bowl watch party, it's way easier to offer your guests finger foods that are easy to pick at throughout the evening. So, go ahead and serve up some meatballs that everyone can grab with a toothpick, like the new Bremer Buffalo Chicken Meatballs for $5.99 at Aldi. There's also a Mushroom and Swiss Beef Meatball flavor available, too.

Snacks for sleepovers: This is a list of the best sweet and savoury snacks for sleepovers. Snacks you can buy and snacks you can make at home. Perfect for kids, teens and even adults!

A great selection of snacks can make a sleepover party, especially for excited kids and cool teens. So here is a list of delicious sleepover snacks and food ideas for hosting a fancy sleepover party for kids or teens.

Chocolate fondue is a great interactive sleepover party snack. You will need a fondue pot (I have had a couple of these cast iron fondue sets for years and love them). Provide chopped fruit like strawberries and bananas, cookies, marshmallows and cake bites to dip.

I had parties for my birthday each year. At them my mom produced a full but small plate of popcorn and sausage rolls to eat. Occasionally she made us nice biscuits and other snacks to liven things up. If we had Chinese New Year parties she would have egg fried rice. And to accompany it she cooked them all a bowl of wonton noodles.

Instead of French fries, make a batch of potato recipes such as potato skins topped with bacon, sour cream, and chives. Create a potato bar with various toppings options for affordable party food, from meats and veggies to sauces, dips, and other condiments. Serve a big pot of chili to take the potato bar to the next level.

These are easy to make and are healthy. You can make deviled eggs two days in advance and assemble them on the day of the party with cream cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and seasoning. Dress up deviled eggs with bacon, pulled pork, crushed potato chips, or other toppings to give these eggs a festive look.

These puffy, cheese-flavored snacks are amde with real cheese and no artificial color. They are the perfect substitute for junk-food cheese flavored snacks and contain only 70 calories per bag. The Halloween themed bag is a kid favorite.

I purchased all of the heathy snacks shown at my local Target. You can find them near the front of the grocery section with the Halloween candy and Halloween gifts. Check out your favorite big box store and grocery store for other healty options!

A classic party time finger food, pretzels are a good, non-greasy option. They have all the salt and crunch of crisps but without all the grease that goes with them. Pretzels provide a really nice salty snack option on the gaming table to balance out the sweeter snacks. 041b061a72


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