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Db Boeder Drivers For Mac

Epson Filmscan 200 I bought this a year ago in a sale for 199 after it was discontinued by Epson. I know it's not in the first division when it comes to film scanners, but it does produce a remarkably good result for the money. The only problem is drivers. As is usual with hardware manufacturers, the use the opportunity of new operating systems (in my case Windows 2000), to not provide a new driver, hopefully (from their point of view) forcing us to buy a new product. I have been lucky to find however, an independently written driver from Hamrick Software called 'vuescan'. Available as downloadable shareware, and supporting a number of film scanners, it is far better then Epson's original drivers ! For examples of my scans, see my Film Images Page.

Db Boeder Drivers For Mac



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