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Warp PSN [HOT]

Warp is a video game developed by Trapdoor and published by Electronic Arts through it EA Partners program on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.[1] The game allows the player to warp through doors and objects and cause creatures in the game world to explode.[2] It was released on February 15, 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade as part of the second "Xbox Live Arcade House Party", with PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows releases to follow on March 13, 2012.

Warp PSN

The first power Zero acquires is the ability to teleport short distances, also known as the titular Warp. Zero is able to warp through open spaces, through objects, into objects, and into living things. The speed between warps is dependent on whether Zero moves into an object or into open space. Moving into open space gives Zero a slight timed penalty before it can warp again. From inside an object (or person), Zero can move around vigorously and eventually make it explode. This is known as a Frag.

Zero will come across puddles of water early on in the game and discovers that being exposed to small amounts of water will nullify his powers temporarily. This is indicated by Zero having a sudden loss of color and a different walking animation. Unfortunately for Zero, the scientists also discover this weakness. They exploit this weakness by creating a malleable water substance that they primarily use as a shield. Zero can't walk, warp, echo, or use a hologram to get past these shields. When exposed to large quantities of water, Zero will die. The facility is located underwater.

The third power is known as Swap. This power is an extension of the echo and allows Zero's echo to swap places with an object of the player's choice. The swap power can be used as an extended warp in many situations. The power will only work when the end destination is an object. If Zero is inside an object while swap is used, the destination object will be placed inside the original object. This causes the internal object to destroy the external object and take its place. This technique can be used to destroy objects/humans and create distractions.

The fourth power is known as Launch. Launch allows Zero to fire an object at a high velocity. The launched object won't be affected by gravity during this time. Launch will only launch an object when Zero is already warped inside of it and will leave Zero in the position of where the object was launched from. This power is primarily used to destroy power generators to access different levels of the map. It can also be used to place objects strategically so Zero can use echo to cross large spaces that were previously unreachable.

There are two game modes featured in Warp. The first is the story mode where players spend their time solving puzzles and ultimately escaping from the facility. During the story, players can discover challenge orbs which can be activated by warping into them. Once Zero is warped into them, they are unlocked and accessible through the main menu.

GameSpot's Jeremiah Johnson was more critical of the game, summarizing his review by saying: "It's best to take Warp as the carefree fling it's likely meant to be, because anyone looking for a rewarding experience here will find only a charmingly warped vision of games we've seen many times before." Johnson praised the enjoyability of the puzzles, the "charming mix of gore and cuteness", the overall presentation, and the leaderboards. Johnson's main criticisms were concerning the controls and the "trial and error"-nature of some puzzles and encounters.[11]

Just after you have got your warp abilities, you will come to a room where it instructs you on how to destroy a human by warping () inside one who is on strapped to the vertical table. Warp inside him and destroy him by moving the stick quickly. This trophy will pop just afterwards.

Lore wise, it's implied that all the infestation goo they're wrapped in protects the Orokin tech from being subverted by Sentients, and they all use high-grade Orokin tech as a result. Meaning they all warp reality to some degree, hence the impossible nature of some powers (semi-permeable ice, spontaneous energy and matter generation, soul manipulation). Warframes use tech that can only really be described as magic. Hell, we can carry huge amounts of stuff (items) without any bags, which suggests hammerspace.

Of course, that doesn't mean they do so as their primary means of doing anything. You can 'warp reality' to make a fireball, but that doesn't really hit right, nor does it have the same power implications

What do you mean by warp? Would something as simple as a teleportation or portal ability count as warping reality? Would "soul manipulation" be some sort of reality warping, pulling their soul back into this reality to fight for Nekros?

A "different limbo" that can alter gravity or speed/slow time or "alter or reverse the elements" or something would be interesting, turning Cold into a dot and Heat into a slow effect or something would be pretty reality warpy imo.

Reality warping is a very broad term. Storm from the Xmen is a reality warper but limited in what she can control. Same goes for Magneto. My guess is OP is referring to space distortion, matter manipulation, and atomic recontruction. Just making stuff out of thin air.

Hell, Nidus can be a reality warper, he summons infested biomass from thin air to change the terrain. Same for Oberon but he summons plants. As I mentioned in my response, Loki can switch places with anyone instantly. That's gotta count as reality warping right?

Warp is a downloadable puzzle-action game starring Zero, an alien kidnapped by human scientists who want to experiment on him. The aim of the game is to escape the facility using five different abilities: Warp, which allows Zero to teleport for short distances, through objects and into objects and enemies, Frag, where Zero destroys the enemy or object while warped inside it, Echo, where Zero creates a ghost image of himself and can use it to trick or distract humans and turrets, Swap, where he places his Echo on an object and swaps places with the object and Launch, where he can fire objects at high speed. 041b061a72


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