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William Thomas

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Great anime, Jujustu Kaisen has the jutsu part like Naruto but otherwise not that alike. I really liked Naruto and then someone recommened Jutsju Kaisen so I watched it and it was definetly worth it. The story is not like Naruto tho.

Watch JJK17

After getting in close, Kasumi disarms Miwa and takes her sword. Watching through the view of one of her crows, Mei Mei mentions that Maki should be promoted immediately. Satoru agrees but he points out the Zenin Family is difficult about it. He also asks why the footage around Yuji's fight has been shaky. Mei Mei claims animals are fickle and she hasn't been watching Yuji. Satoru asks who Mei Mei is rooting for and she replies that she's only on the side of money. Despite Kyoto's plans, Satoru believes Yuji can't be dealt with so easily anymore. 041b061a72


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